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The mission and vision of Destiny Associates (Pvt) Ltdis to produce exportable services and products using the skilled and efficient manpower of Bangladesh, which will help to bring foreign currency into Bangladesh and to attract foreign investment to Bangladesh for IT application and services, i.e., software, web page design, image editing, medical transcription and data entry, and other ITC related services, etc. Profit is not our main aim but rather the development of the Bangladesh IT sector.


• Established date: FEBRUARY 2002
• Physical address: 187 OIKKOTAN, WEST PIR MOHOLLA, SYLHET 3100
• Phone: +880 1789-596-393
• Website URL:
• Email address:


Destiny Associates (Pvt.) Limited was registered with RJSC and BIDA as a 100% foreign-owned Bangladeshi Company export-oriented IT companyin the Sylhet. Although the directors of this company are citizensof America, Germany and Sri Lanka, they have been living in Sylhet for a sometime and have established foreign investment opportunities in Bangladesh. The founder and Managing Director/Chairman, Dr. Steven B. Plettner, and his wife were granted Permanent Residency status by the Home Ministry in 2011.

Although we have from time to time done some local work, our main emphasis has always been recruiting various forms of outsourced work from other countries to be done by Bangladeshi workers. We present ourselves as a company who are able to train and do any variety of work that can be done on a computer. Presently our main focus has been Photo Editing and related Graphic Design. However, a client asked if we could evaluate 10,000 calls to their real-estate rental business for accuracy and content. We were able to train staff with sufficient English in this application and completed the work ahead of schedule.

Our founder is a medical doctor, USA graduate with an MD in Medicine. We operated a growing successful medical transcription service. We trained highly skilled Medical Transcriptionists for our business because we found that those locally trained did not actually have the accuracy skills we needed. As IT business goes and changes, the financial recession in the USA caused more and more medical groups to find in-house solutions to there medical records needs such that maintaining this work was not financially feasible. Prior to that we added an American investor who was a skilled USA-educated Computer Science graduate who developed a high-quality Web Development sector to our business. We specialized in 24-hour turnaround services. We also managed a PhD thesis research in the patterns of Tuberculosis doing all data collection and data entry.

As a service to the Sylhet Community we started an English Language courses and ILETS taught by native-English speakers. American Language Institute (ALI) operated for approximated 10 years but proved to be financially not sustainable in Sylhet. The foreign directors in an effort to learn the local language also developed a language school for foreigners living in Sylhet and out of that has come transcription & translation projects , although this does not product steady work year to year.

Although Destiny Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. has had other foreign clients for time to time; however, from the very beginning the major source of outsourced work has come through Destiny Associates, LLC of Lincoln, NE USA. The USA company is a completely independent company owned by Dr. Plettner, the Managing Director/Chairman, as a forwarding source of outsourced IT work to the Bangladesh company. In FY-19, the company earn $ 16,816.41 in foreign exchange.

One point of clarification about the name. Destiny Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. has no relationship with the banned Ponzi scheme company Destiny 2000 LTD. Only the names are somewhat similar containing the word “destiny.”


Dr. Steven B. Plettner
Managing Director & Chairman